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The New Knockout Sports Management

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By: Sian Gunney 

International Sports Group ISG is the newest and most exciting Sports Management Company in Britain and its already making waves globally. It has been launched by two very well respected former World Champion Sports Stars Joe Calzaghe CBE and Darren Barker. Joe Calzaghe, boxing’s longest reigning super middleweight champion and Darren Barker, an IBF middleweight champion and Sports Commentator and Boxing TV Presenter.

They have created a unique management company that focuses on full services management from extraordinary training, mindset to money management and financial literacy for the sports star. In this case the target certainly draws the arrow as ISG have already announced their first signing Jesus Martinez from Texas. Chris Lloyd Commentator and fight week anchor for MatchroomBoxing tweeted International Sports Management to say “This kid is so exciting. 17 years old, one of the most successful amateurs in the US, and a proper banger. He’ll make his pro debut in a couple of months!”

A quest for true purpose has been a real driver for most business individuals coming out of the last two years. A question many of us in in the C-suite have been asking recently is What is the biggest risk for you, going on a new business adventure or continuing on the one you are on now? Two men that have never been ones to shy away from any challenge are Joe Calzaghe and Darren Barker.  Joe Calzaghe said in the BBC Sport interview this week the timing was right to become a Sports Manager and launch ISG with his great friend Darren Barker. This is something he and Darren are incredibly excited about and driven for.

“With our contacts and our ambition and our love and desire to help young fighters I think we have all the correct ingredients to be successful. This is a business for us there’s a lot we want to do and a lot we want to give back but ultimately we want to see fighters earn as much money as possible and keep as much money as possible and fulfil their dreams.” Darren Barker

Joe Calzaghe known for his sickening work ethic in the ring said “boxing is about the ability to intelligently adapt continuously to be productive and to make the most of all opportunities you are given. It’s the tweaks the small tweaks that most managers wouldn’t notice but that myself and Darren would. A tweak here and there can change the outcome of everything on fight night.”

“I’m back in boxing and I’m raring to go this time staying the safe side of the ropes I’ve started a management company with my good friend Ex World Middle weight Champion Darren Barker Dazzling Dar. We have a great team with us and talent scouts across the world working with us. The last few years have been very tough but it is about time to get back into boxing with my experiences in and out of the ring … I’m ready to get the next world champion! 2022 we will find the next superstar who is dedicated and focused and ready to go on this journey with us” Joe Calzaghe CBE

“My dad instilled that hard work in me, I want to keep his legacy alive,” Calzaghe said. His gym is still alive and he guided my career and now we can do that for other boxers.

“We want to give our best to fighters to steer their careers in the right direction.

“I want to bring the gym and other gyms like Darren’s back to the hay day I remember one full of world champions with great camaraderie. Being a boxer is hard it is still one of the toughest sports mentally and physically. My dad was passionate about boxers not getting what they deserve, boxers can have bad times in their careers and that happened to me, especially when it felt like I was injured all the time.There were times I thought I’d have to retire and get a day job. As a solo sports person you don’t have team-mates for support and it can get challenging with training, nutrition and mindset. It is crucial that you have the right people around you who you trust and believe in to keep you focused on the right things.” Joe Calzaghe CBE

A percentage from every purse will be given to The British Boxing Board of Control which is a charitable trust set up to look after past fighters that want to reconnect or have fallen on hard times, current fighters to increase safety and to support future fighters every step of the way.

“To us this is more than just a business. We have both had life changing experiences because of boxing and we want to give back to a great sport.” Darren Barker

International Sports Group (ISG) have had financial backing from an investor and reputable businessman called David Rothwell who has been offering robust business guidance and support to Joe Calzaghe CBE and Darren Barker. David Rothwell is the director of the Sydney based Winten Property Group. Winten Property Group is a family owned company which has been operating for fifty years. The group is currently working on 24 projects within Australia with an end value of around $2bn AUD. David is forty eight years old and is married with three children, they live at Whale Beach on Sydney’s northern shoreline.

If you are looking for a Sports Management company that really packs a punch visit https://www.internationalsportsgroup.com


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