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Global B2B software and service technology company, AnywhereWorks, has changed its ‘Marketing’ team to ‘Mattering’ in a desire to align focus behind what “really matters”, above and beyond commercial goals.

The Mattering department will focus on supporting people and the planet through a range of “Giving back” initiatives. The current Mattering team consists of around 30 employees, spread globally across the US, Canada, UK and India.

In recent years, AnywhereWorks has experienced significant growth within their Mattering department, almost tripling in size. In 2021 alone, there have been 10 new global hires covering a range of positions from Head of Mattering & Impact, Mattering & Impact Activity Executive to Mattering & Visibility Analyst.

The transition from “Marketing” to “Mattering” grew from a desire to make their work mission matter more. AnywhereWorks aligns itself with the 3 P’s of business sustainability (People, Planet and Purpose) and regularly asks: “what will matter 100 years from now?” The Mattering team aspires to make an impact, with their work offering tangible benefits for years to come.

That includes asking every member of the team to dedicate 150 minutes of their work week to learning. The learning can take almost any form, from online courses to listening to a podcast to reading a book.

The company also dedicates a significant portion of it’s time to giving back projects. Each month, the company supports several non-profit organisations, focusing on everything from protecting vulnerable species to food banks. That’s on top of their commitment to planting a tree for every customer and every employee, every month, through their NGO partner ‘Trees for the Future’. To date, AnywhereWorks

and their customers have helped plant almost one million trees.

Director of Mattering & Impact, Fraser Wilson said: “Our global Mattering department strives to give back, whether that be to our people, our customers, or our planet. We want to ensure that all marketing activities align with the growth ambitions of AnywhereWorks, while making a difference, as opposed to white noise. In short, it is the responsibility of our Mattering team to use marketing for good. We aim to market less and matter more.”

The Mattering team is focused on adding value to businesses across the globe; putting customers at the heart of decisions and providing high quality experiences through AnywhereWorks’ diverse suite of services.

As part of their rapid growth, AnywhereWorks is continually advertising for new positions. Follow AnywhereWorks on LinkedIn to find out more.


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